Cost can’t be an argument for owning Android!

I sold my iPhone 5 on eBay for £500 last weekend. It cost me £750 ten months ago! That means, whilst in my possession, it cost me £25 per month to own. No 24 month tie-in.

Apple’s products make me happy. I love the iPhone in particular, it’s by my side 24 hours a day and it enriches my life in countless ways. Having the newest iPhone model is important to me. I therefore couldn’t sign a 24 month contract - which is by far the most expensive way to own an iPhone.

I am quite deliberate in selling my devices at the right time. Selling it last week means I will be without an iPhone for a week before my iPhone 5S arrives but I would argue that the increased supply of used iPhone 5s into the market next week will drive the price down. It’s all about timing!

I am also deliberate about keeping the phone in its case together with a screen protector, so it was in mint condition and therefore commanded this impressive second hand price.

Just to remind you, I have no 24 month contract and the way in which I handle my upgrades means I always have the latest iPhone in my hand and pay no premium for that.

Many argue that Android has the competitive edge in the smartphone market due to price.

I defy you to show me a comparative handset, feature and quality wise, that holds its value over the same time period.

For those of you wondering what sim deal I use - read about the unlimited data deal I get for £12 from GiffGaff


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